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Wood In Tha Hood

My house is bein worked on. We had a party and motherfuckas done tore my house up, so I called a friend and axed to use his crib. When we came over, had had a bad ass white bitch with him. I was tryin to see if she was down to suck some black dick on cam, but this hoe was way ahead of me. When Ray walked in the room, she got all excited and immediately stuffed his dick in her face. Bitch blowin bubbles, spittin slop all over the homies nice floors. He’s ain’t care tho. He sat there and watched it all go down! Blondie was a pretty fun whore. She ain’t have no shame about it, either. She just a cool white bitch you can call over to let the homies run thru her drawls, fuck her mouth and nut twice on her face. We might have to have this one back again…

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