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It’s a fact, white hoes are attracted to black dudes. Enough with the fuck shit about us being a fetish. That’s trash. Ain’t everybody somebody fetish? I think that myth is made up by the race who is dominant in society, but anything BUT dominant when it come to they micro pink dicks. They lil cave beasts know it too. That’s why little snow whores keep coming to us to get they asshole blew out. Like this one here. She came through, saw a room full of brothas and she QUICKLY start rubbing her pussy and ass, even offered to bop the director! The homie Ray came through to throat fuck the little slore and fuck her lil booty hole. And it’s hella bitches JUST like this one. She ain’t the first, and she won’t be the last. These white hoes love some chocolate over that weak ass pink dick. This will never change and you betta get used to it.

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