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Blue Pilled

We were all sittin 'round talkin bout our girl Kamala and reparations, when this bih walks in with a MAGA hat on. So we took this dried out dog turd and started blue pilling her with facts and ish. She had no rebuttals, as she knew then she was wearing a mother fucking KKK hood. Some big black democrat dick fixed that, and out came whatever it is white peepoe eat right into the bowl, stuff that is going to trigger Owen Benjamin. I don’t even know what lil bih had for dinner, but it was definitely trapped from around her cave by other cave dwellers. She was complaining about how hard brother Rico was fucking her, as he filled up her womb with 13 inches of democratic socialism. We dumped her edomite juice on her head and baptized her a democrat. We just might win 2020 yet, and be doin our part!

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